Sturmanskie - Legendary Russian Pilot Watches
Sturmanski started manufacturing mechanical pilot watches in Russia in 1949, as a standard issue for all Russian air force pilots at the time. On 12 April 1961, Russian cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin became the first human to travel into space, and during his historic flight he wore a ...read more
By Kunal Bajaj & Arjun Sekhri — August 06, 2013
  LAPIZTA - Infinite Passion sports watches from USA
LAPIZTA – A dynamic USA based brand founded by 3rd generation watchmakers is dedicated to extreme action and sports. Each and every timepiece of LAPIZTA reflects the infinite passion of extreme lifestyles. The watch brand was conceived as a means to share pe...read more
By Kunal Bajaj — July 24, 2013
  Wryst - Swiss made extreme sports watches
An exclusive luxury Swiss watch with limited edition designed for extreme sports and adventurers comes with radical disruptive designs, vibrant colours and strong durability. Wryst watches are unique in their styling made to enhance extreme and motor sports chronographs to high...read more
By Kunal Bajaj — July 24, 2013
  Aviator Swiss Watches - Vintage Military Pilot
Aviator is the legendary pilot watch brand from Russia, a country which is renowned for its rich aviation history and courageous pilots. Aviator's exceptional watches have served professional military officers, rescuers and pilots and well as aviation watch lovers. From 2006, A...read more
By Kunal Bajaj — July 24, 2013
  Dievas Uhren Technik - Professional German Sports Watches
Started in 2006, Dievas – an independent German  watch manufacturer has carved a sharp reputation in the world of horology, with its professional military inspired diving and pilot timepieces hand made in Germany, with Swiss automatic movements.   Dievas (pronounce...read more
By Kunal Bajaj — July 08, 2013
  Top 20 Watches from Baselworld 2013
We present our exclusive list of Top 20 Luxury Watches from Baselworld 2013, which just concluded in April.   Ressence Type 3 Watch Recently launched Ressence Type 3 has a life-like aura to it. The secret lays in the display being filled with liqu...read more
By Kunal Bajaj — June 19, 2013
  Top 10 affordable luxury Pilot/Aviator Watches
Hamilton Khaki Flight Timer Digital and analog displays reach new heights with the Khaki FLIGHT TIMER, a sophisticated, multi-functional aviation watch, which incorporates a dedicated pilot's logbook to record details of up to 20 flights and for each of them 99 la...read more
By Trupti Mulajkar — June 18, 2013
  Top 20 Vintage & Heritage Style Sports Watches
Aviator Legend 3105/1734388 Watch The Legend series from Aviator takes inspiration from The LA-5 fighter airplane – one of the most easy to handle airplanes with high speed and excellent maneuvering ability. The main emphasis in this watch is simplicity in ...read more
By Kunal Bajaj — June 18, 2013
  Top 17 Astronomical Watches - Part 3
Astronomy being the oldest science is a vast field and only two series of Astronomical watches is not enough to quench an astronomy enthusiast's thirst. So here is our third exclusive edition of the Top Astronomical watches in the world. Schaumburg Moon Watch ...read more
By Kunal Bajaj — May 20, 2013
  De Bethune - DB25 Imperial Fountain watch
The Imperial Fountain watch from De Bethune pays a tribute to the Yuan Ming Yuan – Water Clock in Beijing. Every bit of the watch speaks of elegance and incredible craftsmanship and is a rare display of the ancient meeting the modern. The fountain of the Old Summer Pa...read more
By Kunal Bajaj — April 26, 2013
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