Revue Thommen - Swiss made Aviator Watches
Very few Swiss watchmakers can claim such a long and distinguished history and tradition as Revue Thommen, who've been hand crafting high quality Swiss mechanical watches since 1853. Revue Thommen is one of the oldest and most prestigious Swiss watch brands, and has always been...read more
By Kunal Bajaj — April 11, 2016
  Top 15 Astronomical Watches in the Universe
Movado Red Label Skymap Movado crafted designer watches that grabbed your attention for the bare minimum features associated with their creations. With the latest creation from their stable, they have upped the ante by a couple of notches. Movado ...read more
By Romit Jethwaney — September 15, 2014
  Skywatch - Swiss made diver chic watches
Skywatch is a US brand founded by Gabriel Ibarra who combined it with high quality Swiss precision movement. Skywatch’s range of Swiss made diver chic watches puts a modern twist on a classic design. Skywatch is not just a watch but a lifestyle. They are known to be afford...read more
By Kunal Bajaj — August 14, 2014
  CHOTOVELLI Dashboard JTS 4000-1 Watch Review
Chotovelli e Figli, translated to Chotovelli and sons, is a third Generation of ‘orologiaio’ (watchmaker) From Torino. These big size Watchmakers are known for their bold and exclusive designs derived and inspired by old gauges and speedometers of class...read more
By Arjun Sekhri — August 09, 2014
  Top 32 Luxury Diving Watches - Part 1
Keeping time while submerged is a tough job and, with diving becoming an increasingly popular activity, one that requires very robust professional watches. There is a kind of beauty to the professional diver's watch that comes from the pure pleasure of engineering excellence. D...read more
By Kunal Bajaj & Arjun Sekhri — June 22, 2014
  Top 15 Luxury Motor Racing Watches - Part 2
After our first highly successful list on the Top 10 Luxury Motor Racing Watches, our experts compile the second eagerly awaited edition. Here are the racing inspired watches which made it on this exclusive part 2 list. Tonino Lamborghini Spyder 1003N ...read more
By Romit Jethwaney — June 22, 2014
  Top 20 Affordable Luxury Diving Watches
Trifoglio Italia Sette Mari Watch A brand synonymous with high fashion, Triofoglio Italia is the innovation of famous Italian watch designer Alessandro Baldieri and watch veteran Jessie Yeo. The latest from his basket is a military diver watch "Sette Mar...read more
By Kunal Bajaj — June 22, 2014
  Tissot T-race MotoGP 2011 Men’s GMT Chronograph Watch Review
There are a wide range of watches in the Tissot T-Race family, but one model in the MotoGP series that stands out as both practical and functional for men who favor the outdoors is the T-Race 2011 Black Chronograph watch. This stylish watch combines functionality, ease of u...read more
By Herman J. Herbert — June 21, 2014
  Alessandro Baldieri Italian Diving Watches
Alessandro Baldieri is a man whose international upbringing and love for travelling the world has provided inspiration to him to follow his dream and venture challenges. Born in Italy and educated in Rome and U.S, Alessandro was fluent in 4 languages, studied architecture and i...read more
By Kunal Bajaj — January 19, 2014
  Aviator Russian Watches - Retro Military Pilot
Iconic Russian made military pilot precision instrument sports watches from Aviator are greatly inspired by the legendary pilots and planes of the Russian Air Force. Russia is the largest manufacturer of aviation watches, with a history dating back to 1927 when the Russian...read more
By Kunal Bajaj — November 14, 2013
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Really Cool “Beach Burlesque” retro style watch ads - Photo courtesy Sven Prim for Plaza watch retouched by Retine
Berenice Marlohe
Hollywood action superstar Sylvester Stallone sporting his U-Boat watch
Hollywood actress, Kate Winslet for Longines
Bollywood King Shah Rukh Khan for Tag Heuer.
Really Cool “Beach Burlesque” Retro Style Watch Ads
Natascha Bintz, Belgian actress and model is the brand ambassador for Offshore Ltd. Watches
Tag Heuer brand ambassador, tennis superstar Maria Sharapova
Former tennis star Anna Kournikova, sporting her Channel J12
Hollywood superstar Brad Pitt for Tag Heuer
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