Top 15 Unusual Watches
By Romit Jethwaney & Arjun Sekhri — April 19, 2013
Starck 0-Ring


Few designers have been as prolific as Paris Born Philippe Stark. An extraordinary mix of rock star, mad inventor, romantic philosopher and leading edge designer. Unique digital display indicates the hours with numbers and the minutes with dark compounding segments. Snug black PU strap frames the large stainless steel O-ring inlay with precision digital dial. You'll never see another watch like it.The minimalistic design may not be flashy enough for those looking for something more bold and outrageous from Phillipe Starck. However, less is more and it really works in this case considering the use of coors and the design elements that Starck has incorporated in this incredible piece. Considering it's a pretty neat collector's item, there's no reason that fans wouldn't flock to the O-Ring for themselves.

Price – USD 110. 

HD3 Slyde 

HD3 Slyde

The Slyde Concept is a revolutionary watchmaking experiment combining a high-technology product and an internet platform enabling the watch to be personalized while offering the opportunity to download new virtual merchandise for the first time. A watch adopts the basic principles of 'Intuitive Technologies' and sublimates them into the 21st century world of high-end watchmaking. As a real technological feat, the Slyde features a touch screen, a cutting edge graphic engine and a navigation system of unequaled simplicity and convenience. The innovative display enables the user to generate an infinite variety of timepieces on his wrist. This range of multiple watches in one has been made possible by creating top-quality virtual modules.The stainless steel case is brushed, with polished finishing on the lugs, the caseband motifs and the lateral sockets.This timepiece comes with a blue numerals virtual engine and a black rubber strap. 

Price - USD 7,000.

Devon Tread
Devon Thread

Led by founder Scott Devon and headquartered in Los Angeles, California, Devon Works, LLC is a design lab dedicated to creating innovative luxury products that exemplify the American spirit. Inspired by a treadmill, it is built with intense engineering and craftsmanship. Powered by lithium polymer rechargeable cells, that run for upto 2 weeks on a single charge. The temperature –compensated crystal provides data to the onboard processor that drives the four micro-step motors. Claimed to be the most cutting-edge watch made today with striking visuals and technology. The Devon Works Tread 1 Watch was designed by a California aerospace company, a group that is quite comfortable with fitting square pegs through round holes.  This watch is a prime example of their technical prowess. 

Price – USD 15,000 



Achieving the incredible challenge of indicating the time with water, the Hydro-Mechanical Watchmakers have in fact pulverized all certainties by uniting two worlds that are supposedly diametrically opposed in an epic encounter between Fine Watch making and Fluid Mechanics. One might say a utopia. The idea that led to the H1 was simple and consisted of two flexible reservoirs fixed to each end of a capillary. In one is an aqueous liquid filled with fluorescein, and in the other, a transparent viscous liquid. To keep them separate: the repulsive force of the molecules in each liquid marks the boundary between the two. As the hours go by, the fluorescent liquid advances. The meniscus, in the shape of a half moon, marks the breaking point with the other fluid in the tube, indicating the time. At 18:00, the fluorescent liquid comes back to its original position, going backwards. This is the first time piece ever to combine mechanical and liquid engineering.

Price – USD 45,000.  

Ladoire Black Widow

Ladoire Black Widow

The Black Widow collection takes its cue from the symbolism of that compelling – and often lethal – seductress, the highly venomous Lacrodaectus Mactans, aka the Black Widow, due to the spider's natural tendency to exercise the right of life or death over her fellow male (after she gets what she wants, of course). Amid acts of passion and ritual celebration, the Black Widow may either show mercy and turn away, or kill outright in an uncontrollable outburst of lust. The dial architecture, open-worked to reveal the beautiful movement beneath, is multilayered and delineates three regulator-type offset hours, minutes and seconds zones mounted on ceramic micro ball bearings. The large central hand is the GMT or second time zone featuring a quickset push-button on the case side at 2 o'clock. The hours and minutes are indicated by marked rotating disks on the lower half of the dial under the center and the 0-20 seconds indicated by a small three-handed disk at 3 o'clock. The Black Widow Collection comprises Mr Green, Mr Race, Mr Ice and Mr Grey, each in an exclusive limited edition of just 12 pieces.
Price - USD 71,000.

MB & F Chocolate Frog

MB&F’s founder Max Busser is hailed as a key innovator of the watch industry today and is also responsible for helping to bring the watch industry into the modern age. According to the MB&F one of their customers said the two dome-like structures on the original HM3 looked like frog's eyes sticking out of water - as frogs enjoy being in water with their eyes exposed to look for prey. So MB&F liked the idea enough that they wanted to make a watch that truly indulged this frog fantasy. The dome "eyes" are under a perfect dome of sapphire crystal in all black and white colors complimented by the 22k red gold automatic rotary movement. There is a tear drop shape on the top (inside the crystal) that indicates whether the dome is used for the minutes or hours. With only 10 pieces made, the Chocolate Frog’s unique aesthetics has set a new trend altogether.

Price – USD 79,000. 

Harry Winston Opus 3

Harry Winston Opus 3

Opus 3 takes the concept to new heights never before explored in Haute Horlogerie. While its design turned conventions upside down, its mechanism pushed the limits of watchmaking as no watch had ever done before.On the rectangular gold case, six porthole openings each display acolored number: blue for the hours, which are read in the upper openings on the left and right; black for the minutes, in the lower openings on the left and right; and red for the date, which is displayed vertically in the center windows. The display relies on the instant jumping of all six indicators: a one-of-a-kind technical feat.Movement: manually wound mechanical movement in German silver with full digit display and no hands, by Vianney Halter.Power reserve of 40 hours.Mechanism with 2 going trains and twin barrels (21’600 v/h). 53 jewels. Digit display by means of ten discs incorporated into the bottom plate. Horizontal winding crown with 4 winding and setting positions: date (4th notch), hour (3rd notch), minutes (2nd notch) and winding (1st notch). Countdown of the final 4 seconds before the minute jumps. Limited Edition of only 55 pieces.
Price - USD 130,000.


MB & F HD4


A traditional wristwatch has a relatively straightforward role: to tell the time. All that is needed is a hand for the hours, another for the minutes and perhaps a power reserve indicator to keep track of running time. Horological Machine No4 Thunderbolt has a hand for the hours, another for the minutes and a power reserve indicator. HM4 Thunderbolt tells the time.HM4 Thunderbolt is not a traditional wristwatch.The aviation-inspired case and engine of the Thunderbolt are one. Neither would, nor could, exist without the other, yet each is so transcendental as to be able to stand alone as a work of art in its own right. The case of HM4 blends high-tech titanium for its lightweight and strength with a sapphire centre section offering a view into the engine.he Thunderbolt's engine is the culmination of three long years of development. Each of the 300-plus components – including the regulator and even the screws – was developed specifically for this anarchistic calibre. Horizontally configured dual mainspring barrels drive two vertical gear trains, transferring power to the twin pods indicating hours/minutes and power reserve.HM4 is available in titanium/sapphire; HM4 Razzle Dazzle and Double Trouble are limited editions of 8 pieces each in titanium/sapphire with hand painted nose art; and HM4 RT is a limited edition of 18 pieces in 5N red gold, titanium and sapphire.
Price - USD 158,000.

Concord C1 Quantum Gravity Tourbillon Watch

The Concord C1 QuantumGravity Tourbillon watch, a device which does something simple in the most complex appearing of manners. You'd think a mad scientist (or moderately eccentric one at the least) has invested a lot into creating and wearing this 'new kind of watch' watch - when it is in the end just a watch - that tells the time and has a power reserve indicator. The point of the watch is to be a novelty, and in that I would consider it a resounding success. The large 48.5mm wide titanium case is a massive 22mm deep, which is needed for the rich panoramic display of colors and complexities. The overall wrist footprint of This Concord watch is over 57mm, but it is still wearable thanks to the flexibility of the rubber strap. The best way of understanding the QuantumGravity watch (which is not quantum in weight because it is mostly titanium and aluminum) is by looking at the two major areas of interest aside from the case itself.

Price - USD 170,000.

Urwerk UR-210 ‘Maltese Falcon’ Lead by Martin Frei and Felix Baumgartner

Urwerk - UR 210 Maltese Falcon

Urwerk stands for UR – being the city of Ur where the perception of time was moulded over 6000 years ago by moving shadows cast by the obelisks and time was measured based on the passage of these shadows over the course of one year. And WERK- which means to create, evolve, shape and arouse emotions. Never has a timepiece displayed such feedback and attachment to its owner. Being armed with technology of available power reserve and winding efficiency, the wearer is able to position the winding efficiency selector at the back of the watch to ‘Full’, in case UR-210 indicates that there’s an insufficient supply of energy. Resulting, the rotor then converts the slightest movement into stored energy. The UR‐210 embodies the symbiotic relationship between man and his watch. It is no surprise, that it has a claim on being one of the most evolved timepieces of our generation.

Price – USD 150,000. 

Cabestan Winch Tourbillon

Cabestan Winch Tourbillon

It began with the image of a capstan. A mechanical devise comprised of a large drum on a vertical axis, hand-operated by a lever, the winch, causing a rope or chain to wrap around the drum. From this action is derived the force to move other mechanisms. From this simple idea was born the Cabestan Winch Tourbillon Vertical. 

Capstans are used for winding the movement and setting the time. A miniature chain and fusee transmit the energy. A vertical tourbillon regulates the movement. Drums display the time. And a small winch handle concealed in the deployant buckle activates the mechanisms. All perfectly and stunningly visible under twin sapphire crystals that provide spectacular 180° views of the movement. The result: a rare work of fine mechanical art, an exceptional timepiece demonstrating unparalleled elegance and harmony and housing one of the most precise mechanical movements in the world. Cabestan Winch Tourbillon Vertical is a limited series of 135 timepieces.

Price - USD 275,000.

Romain Jerome Titanic Day and Night

romain jerome titanic

2008 was a year of firsts for this relatively new brand, Romain Jerome as they introduced their own special interpretation of time in their extraordinary new creation, the Titanic DNA Day & Night. Limited to a series of nine, the world’s first watch not to display the time, however, that did not do anything to deter those with disposable incomes. The Day & Night sold out within 48 hours of its launch back then. It is composed of two tourbillions on the foundation of a differential system. The transmission of energy symbolizes the passage from one life to another, in which the daytime activities of the Tourbillon Day are relayed after twelve hours to the private sphere of the Tourbillon Night. What makes this time piece so unique is the fact that it is composed of a complex and confidential fusion of materials salvaged from the wreck of the Titanic that lies 3840 meters under the sea. 

Price – USD 300,000.

Dewitt WX-1 Incognito
DeWitt WX-1

The DeWitt WX-1 Incognito is inspired by a Pseudo-Victorian mechanical steampunk style, which takes on Industrial Western Civilization during the 19th century. Collaboration between DeWitt and French architect Jean-Michel Wilmotte has resulted in this truly brilliant timepiece exemplifying work and craft. Intricately characterized by its expanding riveted case and flying tourbillon, which is used to counteract the force of gravity and keep the watch accurate. There are also five barrels along with a power reserve that ought to keep you covered for up to three weeks. Termed by the creators as a ‘Gothic Pirate Spaceship of a watch’ setting a new height in the steampunk genre.

Price – USD 600,000.         

Black Caviar 

Hublot Black Caviar


Hublot and luxury are synonymous in every way. There is a watch club many of us don't know about. Informal or not, the million dollar watch club boasts esteemed watch companies who have offered watches with prices of one million dollars or more. For a watch to reach such high value, an extremely decadent portion of precious jewels must be placed on almost every millimeter of surface area on the face and case.  This Limited Edition piece is the only produce of the company. What makes it so unique besides the 18k white gold case is the abundance of diamonds embedded on the case, bezel and clasp. The watch features a unique Hub Solo T tourbillion that symbolizes the fusion between jewelry and watch making.

Price – USD 1,000,000. 

Royale Accordion Watch

Accordion Watch

The launch in 2010 of the timepiece Opera was the first watch with a minute repeater and tourbillon beyond all conventional standards has marked the beginning of a great adventure and has already won over the connoisseurs and collectors winning the Trophy Horlogerie in Monaco in May 2011. The case materials comprise of a Folding / Unfolding patented case in 18 carats pink or grey gold, 3 Sapphire crystals with a Moveable transparent back. The screws and axles are in 18 carats pink or grey gold. Case is 50mm in diameter protecting over 319 components.The strap is a mississipi alligator strap.The timepiece works on a MR01 Movement with over 108 hours of power reserve.By taking the name of Manufacture Royale, the company pays tribute to Voltaire who, one tends to forget, was not only a famous writer, but also a remarkable businessman. During his long stay in Ferney, close to Geneva, he created a thriving watchmaking business, destined to produce timepieces for the social elite, and which he hoped would help towards the creation of the ideal society for which the broad outlines can be found in his literary output. 

Price - USD 1.2 million 
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