Top 10 affordable luxury Pilot/Aviator Watches
By Trupti Mulajkar — June 18, 2013
Hamilton Khaki Flight Timer

Digital and analog displays reach new heights with the Khaki FLIGHT TIMER, a sophisticated, multi-functional aviation watch, which incorporates a dedicated pilot's logbook to record details of up to 20 flights and for each of them 99 landings. It is a watch designed in collaboration with the Air Zermatt rescue team in Switzerland. Equipped with the Swiss ETA quartz movement, it has the Air Zermatt logo engraved on its back.

Price - USD 1,495

Revue Thommen Airspeed XLARGE Classic

The Revue Thommen airspeed is a special watch, since it is designed by the same people who have designed the instrument panel on aircrafts. Thus ensuring that care has been taken to identify core features and bring them on to your wrist when wearing this watch. Readability and legible dial are must haves on any pilot watch, the RT has an extremely legible dial which resembles the altimeter of the aircraft. The chronograph shows 12 hour, small seconds counter and a 30 minute counter at 3 o'clock, 6 o'clock and 9 o'clock respectively and a separate sub window for the date.The steel bracelet and finishing gives the wearer a solid feel without becoming too heavy on the hands. 

Price – USD 2,200 

Glycine Airman Double 24 09

Katherina Brechbühler has been responsible for designing the Airman Double. One can easily notice the detailing and care taken for styling the watch.  The dial is marked with 24 hours display and a power reserve of 42 hours. The specialised 2 bezels makes it possible to read 4 independent 24 hour timezones on it.  The hour and seconds show the first one, the yellow tip on the 24 hour dial shows the second one, the red tip shows the 3rd one on the rotating bezel.The watch gets its name from the two 24 hour rings it has and the year of its release which was 2009. This is a limited edition of 300 pieces and features the ETA 2893-2 movement.

Price – USD 3,400

Oris Flight Timer R4118

There is some great history associated with this watch. This limited edition watch piece is made only in 4118 pieces worldwide, each of which are individually numbered. It is named after the legendary Hurricane R4118 aircraft, which dominated the air in the battle of Britain. The design is very much like the cockpit watch of yesteryear, it has a big vertical crown to set a second time zone. Fitted with the state of the art chronograph, there is a small window on the back of the case allows  you to view the high tech mechanical movement inside. Its a perfect mix of past and present. This historical timepiece has the back of the case etched with the image of the airplane itself.

Price – USD 3,595 

Alpina WorldTimer Watch

There are many watches that showcase the world time feature and they do come for a steep price too. The world timer from Alpina is a special watch since it brings you this feature and comes for a price tag of less than USD 5,000. Alpina's Worldtimer features a rotating ring with the names of 24 cities inscribed on it. A second rotating ring has 24-hour markers. This is used to display time in different time zones.  It has a mechanical automatic caliber AL-718 movement with 26 jewels and a 48 hour power reserve. Besides, it is part of the Alpina Aviation collection, developed in close collaboration with Cessna Aircraft and PrivatAir.

Price – USD 3,500

Muhle Glashutte S.A.R. Flieger-Chronograph

Muhle has always had a very close association with S.A.R (Search and rescue operation unit). Many of the timepieces in divers and pilot segment have been designed taking input from SAR teams. The rescue pilots from the German Navy wanted a chronograph which would allow them to calculate flight speeds and be able to counter harsh of operating conditions under stormy weather. As a result, the S.A.R. Flieger-Chronograph (S.A.R pilots' chronograph) was born. The chronograph function is marked in orange which is a typical SAR color. Maintaining a similar norm the 10 second counter is also marked in orange. This is an extremely important measure since it is used to extrapolate short time measurement from which pilots can get an estimation of how much time it will take for them to cover a particular distance. 

Price – USD 4,299

LVMH Tambour Automatic Chronograph Flyback

The Loius Vuitton flyback is a popular watch among aviators since it aids them in doing navigation caluclations. The name flyback comes from the chronograph mechanism which can be reset at the press of a button. The watch design resembles the aircraft guages and is coupled with LV designer element of using bright colors for markers, making them readable under all light and weather conditions. The "FLY BACK” Tambour Automatic Chronograph is characterized by a strong design and a tarmac-coloured black dial. Equipped with the LV137 automatic movement, it has a power reserve of 42 hours.

Price – USD 5,180

Bell & Ross BR 01 Altimeter

To create the BR 01, designers took inspiration from aeronautical instrumentation, the ultimate reference point for legibility and reliability. The watch is no longer reserved for pilots, and has become an iconic watch to the great delight of watch collectors. Released in 2012 this is a limited edition made of 999 pieces. As the name suggests the watch represents the altimeter instrument from the cockpit panel.The letters ALT and the grooved indicator are printed on the dial and are identical to the original instrument.

Price – USD 5,500

Maurice De Mauriac Modern Chronograph L

Each of the timepieces for the Maurice de Mauriac is hand crafted by its designer Daniel Dreifus. Although black in color, this watch is actually made from titanium and is much lighter than expected. It dial has a textured finish and the nylon strap gives it a very sporty feel . It has a mechanical automatic chronograph. Available in various color options, it is fitted with the Valjoux 7750 movement. Maurice de Mauriac watches are so popular among watch lovers because of their service to be able to customize them and uniqueness among each one of them.

Price – USD 5,600

Ernst Benz John Varvatos Chronoscope

The limited edition piece has carbon fiber dial with a designers touch to them. The collection is offered in colors specified by John Varvotos for the dial and watch hands. The designer has been closely associated with Ernst Benz and spent considerable amount of time designing this timepiece. It has post World War 2 feel with a vintage look and the hour hands are in typical Gothic style broadened out towards the markers. There are 2 types of dial available, with dark gray and as well as tan versions available, Limited to 250 pieces, these time pieces are an amalgamation of quality chronographs in designer wear. 

Price – USD 6,800
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