Tissot T-race MotoGP 2011 Men’s GMT Chronograph Watch Review
By Herman J. Herbert — June 21, 2014
Tissot T-Race MotoGP GMT Chronograph

There are a wide range of watches in the Tissot T-Race family, but one model in the MotoGP series that stands out as both practical and functional for men who favor the outdoors is the T-Race 2011 Black Chronograph watch. This stylish watch combines functionality, ease of use with a tough exterior and smooth design that any sportsman will surely want to display on their wrist. In addition the Swiss ETA caliber G10.211 quartz movement ensures that the piece keeps accurate time.

The first feature worthy of mention is the strong black and silver color combinations. This is a pleasant departure from the other Tissot MotoGP models that will normally display bold sporty colors such as red, blue and yellow on the dial and band.  The black and silver arrangement is very attractive, masculine and gives the watch the ability to be worn in a sporty and casual setting. You can feel just as comfortable wearing it to the office as to the gym or when going to an evening soiree.

Additional design elements are the bold glass date magnifier on the sapphire crystal. Very reminiscent of the Cyclops date magnifier seen on Rolex watches like the Submariner, but this magnifier has its own original twist to it. To compliment the date magnifier is a protective crown design with a TISSOT engraving that anchors down to the side of the case with micro stainless steel rivets. A feature that makes the Tissot Moto GP look slightly rugged yet refined . The crown protection fits between the two superbly designed push buttons for the chronograph movements. This section of the watch I would say sets it apart from all others and is undisputedly the most eye-catching.

On the other side of the highly polished 316L stainless steel watch case a T-RACE embellishment that can be seen on the 13mm face depth. These minor details only enhance the quality of the piece and add to its visual appeal.

But the T-Race is just not eye candy, it is also highly functional. Start with the oversized 45.3mm dial, which makes for easy readability, particularly with the Silvertone luminescent hands standing out against the black watch face. The main dial features three smaller sub-dials which are used with the watch’s chronograph function and measure time in 1/10th of a second at the 2 o’clock position, 60 seconds at the 6 o’clock position and 30minutes at the 10 o’clock.The bezel contains a carbon fiber uni-directional rotating GMT dial that has multiple uses. It can be used as an hourly count-down timer, an hourly timer and as a GMT dual timer.

By its choice of styling and materials, it is clear that the intention of the T-Race MotoGP design is to transport the atmosphere and adrenalin of the race circuit directly to the wrist of the wearer. The craftsmanship on this piece with elements such as the date magnifier, crown protection with Tissot embossing, T embossed crown, uni-directional rotating bezel made of carbon fibre, , embossed buckle and case back with MotoGP logo are all put together to give this piece a high appeal. This type of craftsmanship is generally only seen in watches above $1500.00 yet this piece can be purchased for under $725USD.

This piece however is not a watch to wear as your everyday beater, as the stainless steel polished casing, the satin finished buckle and the carbon fibre bezel are susceptible to kinks and scratches. This is the type of piece to place in your watch collection and be assigned only when engaging in mainly outdoor sports and casual activities. It is not a formal dress watch and will not be suitable with a suit or dress shirt. If you own a motor bike, a sports-car or maybe even a 4x4, this watch is actually the perfect companion for when you’re out on the tracks.


Tissot T-Race MotoGP GMT Chronograph
Tissot T-Race MotoGP GMT Chronograph
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